Karen Rohlman - owner/photographer

Karen was born in Connecticut, raised in Republic, and graduated from Billings High School in Billings, MO. She attended college at NEO A&M in OK, where her major was Early Childhood Ed. She married her high school sweetheart, Brian, and they have been married for over 20 years. They have 3 beautiful children together Bethany 19, Amellia 18, and Michael 14, and currently live in Springfield, MO. Karen worked as an Early Childhood Ed. Specialist for many years before she decided to return to her love of photography. Mrs. Reinert, the art teacher at Billings High School, taught Karen the basics of photography, and her parents bought her first professional camera when she was a teenager. She worked with several different photographers before opening up her own studio. She has been working on her own for the past 13 years and has owned a commercial studio for the last 11.

When asked "What is your favorite style of photography?":

"Well, it's hard to just narrow down one type of photography. As much as I would love to say kids in general (because let's face it, kids talk about the funniest things). And then they laugh, and next thing you know, we are all laughing. But I also love newborns because they are the start of something great and they are so tiny and the snuggles!"  There are so many new and amazing posing and props now in photography for newborns, that I have actually taken conferences and classes to stay up on the latest styles of newborn photography.

If you could tell a parent what you tell yourself in your own sessions:

"Just breathe...and have fun! Oh, because nobody wants to see me while my family is taking pictures. I am a crazy monster. See, when people come to see me at the studio when I am taking your portraits, and I say 'Really, it's o.k.'; it's because my kids have done that. I have seen that, and I have probably heard that from my own kids!! (It is a comedy routine with my family and the kids) Please, I am pretty sure that I have been in that boat with my sister or hubby, because every year my sister and I think we have to have pictures of our kids. Of course, after 19 years of doing this, you would think I would have learned some awesome trick for my own kids.....Nope!!! I think the kids get together in a secret location, and say - last year it was me, this year it is you guys. We will pay you in candy when pictures are over. Or McDonald's, depends on how well you do!" lol